Tibetan Health

India is home to a large population of Tibetan immigrants, most of whom are refugees. They suffer from many health problems due to poverty, poor access to healthcare services and linguistic and cultural barriers. IHO’s Tibetan health program intends to serve the Tibetan population in the rural and slum areas of Bodh Gaya, India.

This program will provide basic healthcare services to mothers and children, such as immunization, prenatal and post-natal screenings, and education on health and hygiene. As portions of the Tibetan population are migrants with no permanent address, it is difficult to immunize their children for polio. IHO is collaborating with other NGOs to find ways to reach these children and eradicate polio among the Tibetan immigrants.

Although IHO has developed a comprehensive program to help the Tibetans, it has been unable to move forward due to lack of funds. Currently, IHO is implementing an AIDS program in the same district and is capable of expanding this program to address other health issues immediately. IHO is looking for partners to implement and sponsor this program.