Current Status

After 25 years of its greatly successful, cost-effective and impactful programs, IHO currently runs its programs in several countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and disenfranchised communities in United States. Subject to availability of funding and government approvals, we intend to extend our highly cost-effective and integrated model of rural and community health to other countries globally. IHO also provides healthcare training and capacity building in Eastern Europe in addition to its primary target countries. IHO has served over a million people through its health programs!

Having served our target population for a quarter century through our infectious disease control programs, we are not focusing upon Cancer Prevention as one of our primary programs. These programs are being implemented in Massachusetts, US and in Asian countries.

IHO’s program has bee deemed one of the most cost-effective health programs as well as one of the most effective in having a sustainable impact upon its target populations. We are very grateful for all the awards and recognition granted to IHO!