Orissa Project

Orissa is one of the poorest states in India, much like its neighbors in the eastern end of the country. Catastrophic cyclones, floods and typhoons often plague it and these natural disasters frequently cause severe famine among its inhabitants. While Orissa is rich in mineral resources, it is one of the least industrialized states in India and consequently has the lowest per capita income in the country. IHO aims to serve the tribal villages in the Sundergarh and Puri districts of Orissa.

IHO has planned programs to focus upon two areas:
•Environmental Health: This program focuses on installing water pumps to provide a safe, clean source of water and education and training in the prevention of water-borne diseases. It also aims to train village women as health educators who will then train others in the community in all aspects of health and hygiene.
• Maternal and Child Health: This program will provide immunization for mothers and children, basic prenatal and postnatal care and family planning and reproductive health services to women in the villages. It will also provide training for village women to become health educators and community leaders. They will be responsible for educating the rest of the women in their villages in such areas as personal health care, oral rehydration therapy (ORT), family planning and other health issues.