IHO Focus: Community Health…

Community Health: The poorer areas of India tend to have even poorer health for women and children. Due to poverty, stigma and the lower standing of women in traditional society, Maternal and Child health (MCH) tends to fall by the wayside. However, IHO has made sure to involve itself with full force in this area of development by introducing extensive Maternal and Child Health programs, which provides vaccinations for children and mothers in its targeted populations. IHO furthermore partners with Family planning clinics and educational programs in order to expound the necessity of reproductive health. By 1995 IHO had expanded its initial program to include basic health care and healthcare training. Currently these programs include family planning and reproductive health services, and the training of new healthcare workers who can continue to carry these programs into new communities.

Currently, MCH projects are in operation Gujarat, Orissa and Jharkhand. Many of our MCH projects integrate empowerment techniques in order to give a better picture of health for women in India